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Steam Press Iron - Modern Ways Ironing

by port_ash

A digital compact steam press iron has a size several times larger than the iron in general and pressing unit width decreased by half, which means it's easier to use, even when you sit down. To use it, fill the water container with a few ounces of tap water, turn on this product, set the temperature via the available control panel and the unit is ready to use. Simple and quick to use. To begin, place the cloth to be steamed in the press board and lower the top to unite with the bottom. With steam press irons, you can tidy up all kinds of fabrics such as shirts, pants, blouses and much more.

Reliable Empressa S550 Digital Steam Press Iron

S550 model has a wide board with size 34 x 11 inches. With the S550 digital revolutionary LED will change your habits in ironing clothes. Why? Because you can urge your clothes with a little effort!! Pressure area on this model has a width of 10 times compared to the iron hand board. With this product, you can save a lot of time up to 70%.

With easy to read Digital LED, you will know exactly the temperature of the tool and the LCD with scrolling feature, you can see that the temperature you want has been reached. Reliable Empressa S550 Digital Steam Press Iron can be used by everyone and for those of you a designer, this product can be used as a mini-fusing press. With the heat and steam which evenly spray, Reliable Empressa S550 suitable for setting fusing on the jacket and collars.

Smartek ST-X100N Pressure and Steamer Iron

Feel the new experience in ironing by Smartek ST-X100N, which is one of the steam press iron products. With steaming technology such as in clothes dryer, you will get the same results when using this product. It works by spraying hot steam on your fabric that will make the fabric smooth and soft in no time. These quality products can produce the heat and strong steam that will straighten your dress to look more presentable.

Smartek ST-X100N Pressure Iron and Steamer has a separate steam boiler located at the bottom which will remove water stains and then isolated to prevent damage to the fabric fibers. With this boiler, the water will boil quickly and certainly will speed up the ironing process. Although the resulting steam heat, this product is friendly to your cloth. With a special design which is designed for your convenience, this product requires almost no pressure to work and hand it can also be done in a vertical position. With mainstay features, you'll enjoy the process of ironing with the Smartek ST-X100N. Rag can be made neatly with quickly and easily by using the steam press iron.

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